Friday, March 6, 2009

Rolly Polly

Owen rolled over today! We had his 4 month checkup and the doctor asked what he was doing these days. We told him that he was laughing and reaching for things and rolling from his front to his back and all that good stuff. I told the doctor that he hadn't rolled from his back to his front yet but that he was really trying to. The Dr. said that's okay that he probably won't do that until around 6 months. When we got home, I put Owen on the floor in his room while I was doing stuff in there and I looked at him right as he was rolling over! I yelled for Ben to come in there and grabbed the camera. I keep telling everyone that he's advanced!

I'll post the video as soon as I can get the computer to cooperate.

1 comment:

Sada said...

Of course he is!! He's going to be talented, athletic, brilliant, sweet, handsome..........and on and on :) Great seeing you this weekend.