Saturday, April 11, 2009


We went to Galveston this weekend and had the worst trip ever!!! We wanted to camp on the beach and I didn't think Owen was ready for that, so my mom came and got him and all his stuff for him to spend the night with them...first night away from me :( Our friends Mike and Angie and their kiddos Carsen, Avery and Roman along with our friend Bob came over to our house to load up all the four-wheelers so the guys could ride on the beach. It took forever to load up and we finally got on the road. When we got to Galveston, Ben and I were first in line to get on the ferry and we followed the car in front of us...who apparently got in the wrong line. So, we had to go all the way to the back of the ferry line. When we made it to the beach where our friends were waiting, we found out that the cops came by and told them that we couldn't ride four-wheelers on the beach--the whole reason for the trip! So, we sent Mike and Ben to drive to another beach to see if we could ride there and asked them to get more mosquito spray or candles while they were out because the mosquitos were about to carry us away. They found another beach that we could ride on so we packed everything back up and headed over there. When we got there, the mosquitos weren't bad at all...but there were gnats everywhere...we think this must be what the plauges in the Bible were like. Angie's kids were going crazy thinking they were about to die and we were trying to calm them down when we heard a crash. Bob had flipped his four-wheeler completely upside down in the sand. We all run over to help him and he is clearly hurt. We finally decided that it was just time to pack up again and go home. We took Bob to the emergency room and he had broken his clavicle. So, Ben drove his truck and trailer home and I drove Bob's truck and trailer home while our other friends David and Shirlee (who met us at the second location after they got off work) stayed with Bob at the emergency room. The next day I thanked Bob for taking my mind of missing Owen by getting hurt. He's such a good friend!

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