Monday, December 15, 2008

First Christmas Present

We had our family Christmas with my mom's side of the family this weekend and Owen got his first Christmas present. It was from my Aunt Tama, and I'm pretty sure Owen loved it! It was so good to spend time with the family but the trip was too short, as always. My cousin Jessica is expecting a baby at the end of April, so it was fun talking to her and sharing all my new motherly knowledge. She's having a boy so I'm glad I'll be able to loan her all of Owen's clothes (the kid has more than I do, I think).

We also spent a little bit of time out at my parent's property. Ben brought his 4-wheeler, but I hate riding with him because he is a little more
adventurous than I I rode my nephew's 4-wheeler.

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Sada said...

i love those little 4 wheelers